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Telugu utilizes eighteen vowels, every one of which has both an autonomous structure and a diacritic structure utilized with consonants to make syllables. The language makes a differentiation among short and long vowels. The free structure is utilized when the vowel happens toward the start of a word or syllable or is a finished syllable in itself (model: a, u, o). The diacritic structure is added to consonants (spoke to by the dabbed hover) to shape a consonant-vowel syllable (model: ka, Kru, mo). అ doesn't have a diacritic structure since this vowel is as of now inborn in the entirety of the consonants. The other diacritic vowels are added to consonants to change their elocution to that of the vowel. There are additionally a few different diacritics utilized in the Telugu content. ్ quiets the vowel of a consonant, with the goal that lone the consonant is articulated. ం and ఁ nasalize the vowels or syllables to which they are joined. ః includes a voiceless breath after the vowel or syllable it is appended to. The Telugu content has commonly standard conjuncts, with trailing consonants taking a subjoined structure, regularly losing the tallakattu (the angular headstroke). The accompanying table shows every one of the two-consonant and one three-consonant conjunct, however individual conjuncts may contrast between textual styles.