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Download these most popular Telegu fonts. Free licenses for commercial and personal use. We can Directly font downloads; Mac, Windows, Linux. No doubt these amazing fonts will make your text decorative.

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Telugu is a Dravidic language spoken chiefly within the southern Indian conditions of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Yanam. it's additionally spoken within the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, and Odisha. As indicated by the 2001 registration, there are about 73.8 million local speakers of Telugu and another 5 million second-language speakers. Sort of composing framework: a syllabic letters so as to where all consonants have a characteristic vowel. Diacritics, which might show up above, beneath, previously or after the consonant, they need an area with, are utilized to alter the intrinsic vowel. At the purpose after they show up toward the beginning of a syllable, vowels are composed as free letters. At the purpose when certain consonants happen together, unique conjunct images are utilized which join the fundamental pieces of every letter. The heading of composing: left to directly in even lines